[New Shop] BAD - Books and Discs, Cheap Enchanted Books Just Opened

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  1. Grand Opening BAD - Books and Discs

    Huge selection of the most OP enchanted books and well stocked!
    Why take your chances enchanting and end up with something bogus?
    Or why buy items at auction that aren't exactly what you want?
    At BAD you can get all the OP books and decide exactly what your armor, tools or weapons will be.
    No wasted diamonds on items you are disappointed with. What could be better?

    And, the prices are incredibly CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP. See how cheap:

    Level V books - 850r
    Level IV Books - 750r
    Level III Books - 650r
    Level II Books - 550r
    Level I Books - 450r

    And for a limited time Unbreaking III Books discounted for 600r - Put unbreaking on everything!

    Also, complete selection of discs. Complete your collection and get all 12! Look great in frames!

    BAD is located on smp5 at /v +ebooks or /v 10959

    Remember - Don't Get Mad, Get BAD!

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  2. I can see myself really buying from this, but how do you plan on keeping it really stocked?
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  3. I have worked over an extended period to gather the villagers and have save up emeralds. Also, I have extensive farms, etc... to provide items to trade. I am on daily for multiple hours. We'll see if it is that popular but I can't imagine someone more prepared.
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  4. I didn't reply directly to your post but you probably saw the replay anyway. I'm here waiting for you. Come and check it out.
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  5. Alright c:
  6. Why must it be SMP5?
    I live on number 9
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  7. You can use /vault to transfer items!
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  8. +10 r per purchase then
  9. Not necessarily; you can purchase multiple items, then open your vault. Also, for 10r, your vault is open for five minutes.

    I will have to check this out, as I am building a leather set and diamond tools for my small adventures. :)
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  10. I just spent about 8000 rupees at your shop. Because I am lazy and never get good enchants. XD I will likely be a repeat customer in the future.
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  11. That's great. The best thing is I have positioned the price at half or even a third of what others price these books at if they even have them in stock. Which they normally don't. I have rarely seen any books under 1000r and some of the good ones at over 3000r in other shops. I have no books over 850r.

    If you don't just build the exact item you want using these books you can always supplement what you enchanted. So, if you have some boots but they don't have feather falling IV, which you really need if you are going to do much, then that can be added easily with one of these books.
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  12. I said per purchase, not per book XD
  13. SKMMinecraftian, if you come here and start buying books I would gladly give you a free level I book of your choice to defray the costs of opening your vault. Just come and see me at the res.
  14. No need XD
    No need.
  15. This implies that you meant each book, as each separate book is a separate purchase.
  16. ahhh.
    Sorry XD
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