New shop at /v 18891

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  1. Hi guys,

    I've just officially opened my brandnew shop om SMP9.

    The shop provides you with all the basic stuff you could ever need and you won't get those as cheap as in my shop.

    So come and pay my shop a visitin SMP9 at /v 18891
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  2. If you need advertising get in touch with me in game or via pm
  3. I read the thread title... So how much are you selling your shop for?

    Nice Shop
  4. I think 1r sounds good right? :)
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  5. Wow -_-

    Edit: Sadly I can't change the title...
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  6. Report the main post
  7. How does that help me change the title?
  8. Staff will change it for you
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  9. OK, I'll try!
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  10. It worked! Thank you!
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  11. Just a tip because you're new. Maybe you already know, but if not then this will help you get customers: make sure to tag your residence as a shop. You can do so by using this command while standing on your residence: /res tag add shop. This will make sure that players who are looking for a random shop (using /v +shop) can also land on yours.

    Don't expect a massive amount of people to suddenly drop in, but like I said: it will help you attract some attention to yourself.
  12. I knew that, and I did add the tag to my res.
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