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  1. Will u guys ever make a Feed The Beast or Tekkit server. I know u guys said they will not be added but I was wondering if you would ever make a new serve, also when will the Dystopia server come out.
  2. I don't think they will do that.... but aikar will confirm if they will
  3. No there will not ever be a ftb or tekkit server. Since they said it wont be added it won't be added. They aren't trolling you. And about the dystopia server, i'm not sure but not any time soon.
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  4. There have been player made/ran servers but FTB and Tekkit are too buggy and laggy. Maybe someone knows a player ran server who could invite you. :)
  5. There will be no FTB/Tekkit ( read the " Already Suggested Ideas - PLEASE READ BEFORE SUGGESTING " forum )

    Not sure about the Dystopia but I am sure that new servers are made when they are needed.
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  6. No, EMC will not make a new Serve.
  7. Well smp10? Right Aikar ;) But who knows? I want a smp10 myself :p
  8. OMG ever heard of TYPOs
  9. You answered yourself in your question.
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  10. Ever heard of capital letters?
  11. Ever heard of... Cray cray?
  12. Ever heard of "Jokes"? ANY MODS WHO SEE THIS, HE'S MY FRIEND AT SCHOOL.
  13. Ever heard of....


    I don't know, jcplugs?
  14. ftb is fun, but wont be added.
    i like spawing all the things
  15. Seems like a good idea.
  16. Agreed
  17. Hasnt this been discussed already?
  18. Tekkit/FTB servers are a possibility but not high on the list of things to look at. :)
  19. Thank You!!! All I wanted.