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  1. hey guys, so i had an idea, im going to make a world with a random seed, play it and post screen shots, what you guys do is you give me ideas on what to make, and i make them in this survival world :)
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  2. yay, found a village, pretty small so i probably wont end up living here
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  3. im going to travel around just to see what there is to see
  4. What mods are you using?
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  5. I recommend video.
    Record with Bandicam 10 minutes of recording pee vid, it's free but full you can record unlimited time.
    Really screenshots don't say that much
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  6. I like screenshots and text :)At least it reads faster than watching a 10 minute long video, and you can still stay up to date.
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  7. i might do that when i get a better computer, as of right now i have a really slow computer and can barely use screen share on skype with minecraft
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  8. damage indecators, optifine, and voxel map
  9. new part of series: you can recomend mods for me to put in the game to make it more entertaining
  10. Pixelmon. Number one mod :D
  11. nope XD