New Sell shop open 13131 at New Mega Mall Smp6

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  1. Hi my new sell shop is open at 13131 smp6 so come sell your items :D

    Sandstone slabs - stone - smooth sandstone

    Cobble - stone - stone brick

    Brick block


    All the logs and planks

    All the colour wool's

    Redstone dust

    I may add other item's as I go but for now I think that is all thats in the sell shop

    I have buy sell shops in the Shop area also but these will be move shortly to the new Mega Mall

    As a side note the cost of the Mega Mall so far is 150k - ish, so far its the biggest build i have done so far
    so if nothing else worth taking a look :D
  2. Damn it,Im building one too :/
    But Great for you :)
  3. there are a few malls in construction at the moment i have had a shop for a long time, closed it for a few months to have a break and now started again this will just be the biggest one so far.