[New Rule] I think there should be a ne rule!

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  1. Hello I'm playing with my friends and we are always afraid that one day someone is going to come along and try and kill Any Custom Mobs. While we are trying to get Garden From the Any Custom Mobs. I believe there should be a rule that says if a group of players are trying to do something with Any Custom Mobs any player comes along can not kill it. (Hope it makes sense :))
  2. Oops New rule!*
  3. To my knowledge this is already a thing.
    Just make sure you and your friends are in a group and asking as that random player isn't in the group the shouldn't be able to come along and damage any custom mobs.
  4. My friend message a moderator today because it was going to happen to them and the moderator said that they can't do anything. by self also.
  5. I would do some testing but again to my knowledge if a player hits an enraged mob that mob can't be damaged by other player for a few minutes.
  6. Ok Thank you.
  7. u trying 2 pet it? b/c mini bosses despawn after a while, so if u try 2 pet it it can disappear. if u get momentus in ur base then ppl cant kill it b/c would be griefing. but if momie is outside ur base its free game bc u cant own a mini boss.
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