New Republic Memorial

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  1. This is my latest build, enjoy:

    Memorial NR (5).png
    Memorial NR (6).png Memorial NR (7).png Memorial NR (8).png Memorial NR (9).png
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  2. Nice. I should probably head out there soon. I signed up but haven't made the trip.... Good thing schools cancelled for me today.
  3. Very nice. Very nice build.
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  4. That is not the OFFICIAL location of the NR anymore, but I believe after it is relocated, you guys can build whatever you want at the old location
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  5. Anyone who wants to stay there and build stuff can claim the area as a colony of the New Republic. We'll call it the Old Republic ^_^
    Of course, your efforts are preferred at the new location, but very nice build nonetheless :)
  6. We are not done with the area yet, but we will notify you when
  7. Thanks ^_^
    I didn't build it in EMC :D