New Republic Maps as of date 3/7/2013

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  1. Here are the maps for the New Republic and a space to comment on them

    The map of Holiday Island LIVE MAP.png

    A map of the Capital city "Inizio" (Latin for "start")

    Map of Inizio City.png

    And a map of the trail i hope to build to the Pazzo town nearby

    Pig trail.png

    Please feel free to comment on them. :)
  2. Hm, the settlement is permanent now??
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  3. We assume it is, being that we are laying down signs of it.
  4. Or is it
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  5. Needs moar bacon.
  6. Needs more cows, if you know what I mean....;)
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  7. That's excellent! It means the Provisional Constitution will now be a full official one, and we can get ourselves built up while we prepare to construct the full capital, Neorepopolis. Perhaps we could make the foundations for the city and the infrastructure south, in the forest? And then eventually, the city can grow to enclave Inizio.
    But what is good is that we can get the proper Constitution passed. Along with the Neore currency, the thing that excites me about this is that the overall nation of the New Republic transcends territorial borders. The community of the LLO would be confined within the LLO's territory, whereas with this, we can actually crowdsource growth of the community to anyone who wishes to help, simply by urging them to assert a simple claim. It's genius, we'll have a Neorepublican-sovereign residence in each Town by the end of the month!
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  8. Haha I'm sure we have quite enough cows now ;) after I'm done with them anyway...
  9. Who needs a cow when you have an ice cream cow?