New Public Ender Ender.

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Will you use it?

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  1. So, with some of the new updates coming to EMC/Minecraft, I noticed that old endermen farms can slowdown.... A lot... I will be making a new enderderp farm.

    How dose this new farm work? Well, in 1.10 (atleast, this could have been added in 1.9) Endermen attack endermites. By trapping one endermite, you can attract tons of endermen!

    (Photo creds. EthosLab)
    When will this be finished? I'm not sure, I need to get started on it first.

    I hope you guys enjoy this new farm and that it gets tons of use!

    I will bump this thread with more pictures and progress updates as it goes by!
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  2. I need this.... I need a way to get to the end, rather actually xD
  3. Just remember server spawn rates are usually 75% slower, and then there is also the entcount that will slow it as well.
  4. Lol i would use it as long as you put the dragon as etho did:p
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  5. Yes i watch hermitcraft and this farm is amazing
  6. We tried something like this and honestly not worth your time. You'd get far more XP from villager trading then one of these.
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  7. Yeah, what Kloned said. Ender farms just aren't worth the time / effort to build on emc.
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  8. One of biggest problems to Enderman Farm efficiency on EMC is the density checking.

    The server will not naturally spawn more hostile mobs by means in an area where there's already two or more of them.

    Therefore, in order to maximize spawn rates, get the mobs away from the spawning area(s) asap.

    Also, I have a full-blown campaign going on for Enderman Farms. Currently, link to the thread should be in my signature.;)
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