New promo horse!

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  1. I think we should make a new promo horse, like a donkey or mule for example, (which would be awesome) and it would be a mix of all 3 promos! I'm thinking of a name like: Valitatus, or Saltens, or Incivaltar or you know. It would be pretty cool! Thanks!
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  2. I am sure that the EMC staff has thought of Donkeys like this and it might happen in the future. But I do not think it would be the mix of all 3 promos.
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  3. well it would be cool :p lolz
  4. If they released a new promo every week the market for rares would crash horrendously. I can see this happening, but not any time soon. Maybe in a few months?
  5. uh i still think it would be cool cause we updated like a week ago maybe 2. so i think it would be cool.
  6. Refer to this.
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  7. ... yeah i was thinking a few months anyway seeing as thats how long it would take maybe in 1.7?
  8. Although the idea of adding new items is intriguing, we should not do this now since the new horses were just released. Even a month is kinda a short time. These items are supposed to be rare and given out at special times like the 60k members. So if something special happens like that then maybe we can add this. But probably not for 1.7 cause thats not too special. But maybe.