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  1. Hey guys. I'm working on a new secret project I want to launch into the Minecraft world. It's an idea that's been done before, but in my opinion not kept up with very well so I'm going to give it a shot. I'd like to load this project up with a ton of stuff from the Empire to get it launched. The jist of it is a public site that features awesome Minecraft creations for everyone to see. I'm looking for projects that you would consider "done" and "original" to you. If you'd like to be a part of it, please send me a message on here with the subject: "Minecraft Creation Project"

    Please include:

    • A main image of your creation that you would like to be the "showcase" image on the site as well as a few other supporting images to go along with it.
    • A title or name for your creation.
    • If you used a texture pack for the image, which one is it?
    • Where you created it; For example: Single Player Creative, Single Player Legit, Legit, etc.
    • A description of your project and any comments you'd like to have accompany it.
    Aside from, my original TF2 community where Justin and I first met, this is the first "fun" project I'm going to work on sort of as a side hobby. I hope to grow it into something the entire MC community can like/use and of course use that to drive more attention/traffic to the Empire. That being said, I'd love for the site to be 90% Empire member creations as well. :) :)

    Thanks. :D

    New Edit:

    For the images, large is better. Using the screenshot function of Minecraft works great. Please remove your HUD when taking the photos as they can make the images not as awesome as they really are. Upload them all to and share that link with me when you submit it. The site is looking fantastic so far and all I need to launch it are your creations. Big thanks to MR2R2M for being the first (three) submissions, which you'll see when I release the name/domain. :)
  2. Awesome, I will hurry up with my creations after I am back from my study in two weeks :D

    Sounds good Jeremy, look forward to seeing the end product :D
  3. This means I'm going to have to get a wriggle on with my smp2 res >___>
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  4. Yoursmp1 res is awesome :p
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  5. Agreed. One of the very first original Empire creations. :)
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  6. Sometimes i like to just walk through it...
  7. Aww thanks guys =]

    Hopefully my smp2 res will live up to it's predecessor.
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  8. Bumpity Bump. :)
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  9. I will soon be able to get my skyscraper another 5 floors. I may put it into this. And do you need any help creating the website. I have a lot of experience with HTML and css.
  10. I need to get a move on with my planned projects. Luckily summer is right around the corner :)
  11. Well time to make something grand with wedit on SSP and showcase it with a nice camera mod..

    That is.. if I ever find the time... BAH!!
  12. Haha, I'll have a week with no internet to work on all my SP sketches :p
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  13. I want the new update to come out b/c soo many new things being introduced that will change mc drrastically before our eyes lol.. also archtecture in minecraft is hard planning in your mind 1st takes skill and brainpower :)
  14. I drew all my designs for various planned projects on my spanish final... I have to wait to get it back before I can actually do anything ;(
  15. You do Spanish?
  16. Claro que sí.
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  17. I do Spanish :p hola! There I did Spanish.. Happy?
  18. Updated the main post. Almost ready to launch the site. Just need some more of your creations. Doesn't have to be new, if you have stuff from the past you've done, that will work just fine! :)
  19. Yep my SMP2 res is DEFINITELY not going to be ready in time <__<
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