New Pokemon games!

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  1. I'm not a fan of the Pokken games but sun / moon hype! Let me know what you guys think.
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  2. Oh wow... is it gonna be like pokemon stadium or an actual pokemon game such as gold or pearl etc?? If it's a proper pokemon its gonna be so mad on the TV lmao
  3. I'm excited for another 2ds game :D
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  4. I really am going to have to invest in a switch..
    I wanted wiiu just for pokken, and now I want a switch for the new one

    rip wallet, no trips for me this summer!
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  5. is this like Street Fighter with Pokemon or is it turn-based?
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  7. I just want a 3DS Emulator for iOS
  8. It's largely inspired by Tekken... which is where the name comes from. ;) And no, it's not turn-based. I've played a demo of the original on the Wii U, and while fighting games are absolutely not my style, I did enjoy the gameplay; it's that good. :)
    I've heard it can be really fun for competitive players also.

    Not sure how to feel about it, with what I've seen so far. It doesn't seem to interesting compared to Sun & Moon, to be honest. But we'll see.

  9. Ugh you agree or ugh you hate emulators
  10. I like emulators. I use them myself for composing music, recording music, and doing speedruns.
    I hate the attitude of wanting to play on emulators rather than the original systems.
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  11. Alrighty well I did just find an EXCELLENT emulator for iOS. The NDS one I was using stopped working yesterday, but here's a link to the one I use now. It's got a TON of different systems on it (not sure if you need one but I'm sure someone else could use it)
  12. I've got a GBA, GBC and N64 myself. I'll get a DS in due time. ;) (they're quite cheap nowadays, I do believe)
  13. The Nintendo Direct from last night had some new information about Pokemon USUM.

    * These new games' mascots are Necrozma forms, after "absorbing" Solgaleo or Lunala. Necrozma adopts their signature move.
    The official English names are of these two new forms are "Necrozma: Dusk Mane" and "Necrozma: Dawn Wings".

    * All forms of Lycanroc now have a signature Z-Move: Splintered Shormshards, an upgraded Stone Edge that clears the Tapu's terrains.

    * Two new Ultra Beasts were revealed! They're referred by the codenames "UB Burst" and "UB Assembly".
    Burst is exclusive to Ultra Sun, and Assembly is exclusive to Ultra Moon.

    UB Burst has a signature move that's super-effective on Metagross. This suggests that Burst is partially a Fire, Ground, Ghost or Dark Type, since almost all signature moves match one of the user's types, granting STAB.
    Meanwhile, UB Assembly is shown using Iron Defense.

    I'm interested to knowing the stats and typings of these new Ultra Beasts. UBs tend to have odd typings and erratic base stats.

    I am going to say that UB Burst is a Fairy/Fire Type with some high offensive stats, but not exactly like UB02-Beauty.
    As for UB Assembly: a Rock/Ghost Type with extremely high Defense, but slower than all known Ultra Beasts.

    * Lillie, Lusamine and Nebby are back in USUM.
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  15. I was disappointed that the Direct didn't have subtitles. I assume I'm not the only one for whom the Direct was at a moment where they could not listen.