New player in need of price checking.

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  1. Hello! im new to the server so I don't really know how much things go for if someone can tell me the price for some of these items it would be great. Thanks in advance!
    Diamond Pickaxe- U3,E4,Silk1
    Diamond Pickaxe- Fortune3, E4
    Diamond Sword-Sharp4,Knock2,Fire2
    Diamond Shovel- U3,E4,Fortune3

    Thanks again! Happy digging :p
  2. Giving Rough estimate here might be off somewhat.
    U3,E4,Silk1 pick- 4k-6k rupees
    F3,E4 pick- 2k-3k rupees
    Sharp4,knock2,Fire2 sword- 500-1.5k rupees
    U3,E4,F3 Shovel- 3k-5k rupees
    Just depends on what Smp you are on really and who you catch on.
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  3. Ah, alright. Thanks I wanted to get a general idea of a price so i don't overprice or under price it too much
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  4. Yeah, on Smp7 it goes a bit Cheaper, around 1k cheaper, but as Dwight says, it does depend on the server and the what's high in demand etc, You could always try Auctioning it if you want :)
  5. as a rule its always better for the seller to overprice and the buyer to try and work out a deal
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