New OC look?

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  1. I've been thinking about changing my main OC (y'know, that person I always use). Not really, completely changing her but... Just look xD

    (I like the sketch better, but I changed it. Looks better then the finished drawing, but opinions opinions)

    On the left is what I have currently, and on the right is what I'm thinking of changing it to. The current eye colour I use is blue (dark to light) but if I change it'll be the colours of the original character (purple to cyan) you can sort of see it in the top drawing, but not much :p
    You can't really tell, but the hair is slightly longer and curlier at the bottoms for the new one (Im growing my hair long)
    I'm leaning towards using the purple hoodie one for when I'm referencing what I do in game, but the jumper one for when I'm talking about my irl self. But I think that might be to complicated. I could just rotate them both, use whatever, depending on how I feel but y'know

    Too many options! I like them both really, I can't decide how to do it :c

    What do you think?
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  2. I like them both too :3 I don't know! Because it'll be different everytime you draw you/her anyway. Sorry, can't help you choose with this
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  3. Do the first one the purple looking one looks awesome, well done :D
  4. I like the ones on the left :p
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  5. I honestly agree, I like the current one better.
  6. I might just use them both, but the purple one more since it seems to be the favorite haha
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  7. Use the head / facial changes from the new one, but keep the purple hoodie from the old?
    I think the only thing I don't like about your new version is the striped shirt, but that's easily fixed.
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  8. I definitely prefer the purple hoodie as well, but they both look good. As for the heads, I think I prefer the second one.