New non-EMC Minecraft Project help

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  1. I am looking for some people to help make a cool Minecraft project with me.

    What is it?
    It is a mod/map/textures/adventure pack. The idea is we come up with a basic theme. We then find mods to enhance Minecraft to better fit the theme. Then we come up with an adventure map and story for the modpack. Finally we find and adjust a texture pack to fit the game.

    This may sound like a lot of work. It is. That is why I am looking for people to help.

    What do you get out of it?
    All of us working on it will have our names on a (hopefully) popular project along with your name on a Youtube channel where the pack will be featured. You will get satisfaction and popularity in the Minecraft world. If you are motivated my more materialistic things, there is a chance that if this gets popular enough, we can host the pack ourselves and have ads on our site. That is a huge maybe and will only happen if there is a lot of demand. Hopefully we will make more than one pack.

    Sound interesting? If so then you should help.

    How can I help?
    You won't be confined to any one task. Instead you can try any of them. We will need help doing:
    • general idea/story
    • mod finding and trouble shooting
    • resource packs (we will most likely be using modified versions of other packs)
    • Testing
    You may find yourself doing any of these.

    If this sounds like fun to you, then reply in the thread saying you want to join.
    I will be adding everyone who joins to a conversation on the EMC site.
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  2. Reserved just in case I need it
  3. Bump. If a moderator can change the title to "Minecraft feature pack help" that would be great. It makes much more sense than the current one.
  4. I'll help. I have Photoshop too so I can help with the textures a lot.
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  5. That makes two of us. :)
  6. I am sending a pm to both of you with more details. Anyone else want to help.
  7. I can help with story, ideas, and content :D
  8. Awesome. I am inviting you into the convo too.
  9. Hmm... Interesting. Not sure about what all this is though, so I won't promise I'll help.
  10. The idea is it will be a combination of mods, a map, resource pack, and story. Think of it as the ultimate adventure map with everything tweaked to be perfect for the map. I am calling it a feature pack since it is full of many different features.
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  11. Ill help in any way I can.
  12. Awesome. I will add you to the convo too. If you want to join be quick. I will only be letting a couple more people join.
  13. I would like to help testing the map and story, but i can not create any sort of good story line so, if possible i would like to be a map tester
  14. I would like to help!
    Great with stories of sort...
    Great at lua as well, and assume I could learn java as well...
  15. Im in. I love projects like this.
  16. if you need help creating the map I'd be more than gladly to offer my assistance.
  17. I can help test or with the story :)
  18. Sorry to burst the bubble, but should this be considered "broadcasting/offering" another server?

    as obviously you'll have to share the server's ip etc... and eventually if that kicks off you'll make it public with donator perks etc amirite?