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  1. Hello, my friend skyman1212 and I are planning on creating a new museum featuring many rares and more common items. To get started we need all the donations we can get! We are mainly looking for promos, stone, glass, wool, glowstone, player and staff heads, wood logs/planks (preferably oak, dark oak, and birch), end stone, and rupees donations! Your contributions are greatly appreciated, and soon you will be able to experience a new museum! To donate, head over to 18623 on smp9 and drop your donations into the hoppers right in front of the spawn :) We are also willing to buy bulk supplies for a discount, if you could be generous enough to do that :)

    UPDATE: Front and back walls are done, time to make the sides and stock up those promos!

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  2. lol looks like i got some competition XD good luck though
  3. As a museum owner I'll tell you one thing that I've found, people only wanna donate when they have concrete proof of what you are doing with their donation. I would suggest building your museum and then try to get some donation.
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  4. Thanks for the advice mmon2832 ;)

    Although us 2 need the gold voucher to get a new res for the museum area...

    EDIT: Found a gold voucher :)
  5. I can confirm this, It happend to me way too much that i donated to someone and they just quit the project..
  6. If you vote and wait, you can purchase an extra residence for 30 000 tokens.
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  7. o3o at 3,470 tokens...I have a long ways to go...
  8. Go on occasional mob hunts in the wild or wastes and keep that voting streak high, then those tokens will soon come rolling in! ;)
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  9. :confused: is this already in? Im about to be at 30k tokens
  10. Not yet, but after all the new EULA changes are done, it will become a feature! =)
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  11. Not for sure, Aikar just mentioned it. Do you get tokens from your grinder or..?
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  12. its a secret >: )
  13. Either that or you kill a few minibosses here and there :p
  14. Bump, new update for museum info and donations :)
  15. The museum looks good so far. :) Keep up the good work! I wish you good luck with your project. :)
  16. Bump, added end stone to the ever so long list if items needed :)
  17. Bumpity bump :) Also, if my donation chest gets filled up (you'll know when your items start jumping up and down on the hoppers :) ), you can go to 18091, and toss more items into the donation bin there.
  18. Really late bump, but we really need the donations! We have built much more since that picture above, so come check it out at 18091! Also, since we have a low rupee budget, we're looking for some used items, like used armor and weapons (that are EMC items of course, such as Marlix armor), as well as used horses. You can also lend us items, and take them back at any time. If I missed anything, please tell me experienced museum owners :D
  19. Bump, ignore the random accidental horse spawn in at the museum :)
  20. Bump, thank you to whoever donated us a 2014 labor bench!