New Months, New Goals, Share them here!

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  1. It is a new month, what will be your goals for this month? Do you think you will accomplish them? Share your new goals for this month here, and don't think you have them, you do. Share them here and we will all discuss if you could make the goals or not

    Here are my goals:
    Make #1 on TEXP Monthly
    Try not to die
    Play more games
    Survive school

    Share your goals!!!
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  2. Make 50K,
    Get Diamond for my alt,
    and get a very rare item from momentus
  3. Get past 100k :p
    Host more auctions
    Get better armour
    Kill a Momentus
    Do good in school (Yes, do good in school)
    and buy Shovel Knight :3
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  4. As it stands currently: try not to have an existential crisis or something over how fast my life in Secondary School has gone, that I'm nearly 16 years old, and I'll be starting college in exactly a year :p
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  5. New avatar for EMC site... Acquired! :)
    Next up, start college next Monday and try to survive for two years :p
  6. Finish my Utopia farm I'm making.
    Make the pixel art I've been planning on my 3rd res.
    actually think of something to do with my first res.
  7. These are my real-life goals for the next month:
    Don't miss my flights.
    Write at least one blog entry per week.
    Not spend all of my money shopping in the first few days of living in Italy.
    Not gain any weight. BECOME SWOL
    Stop procrastinating on my last-minute preparations with EMC.
  8. Reach 1 million, i kinda gave away my first million :D
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  9. Sure you did. ;D
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  10. why not me?
  11. I gave the mil to you :D
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  12. What about me...
  13. Me aint got enough money for all 300k ppl :(
  14. You gave the million to me? What the? NUH! I let you borrow one million for a screenshot. xD
  15. I still reached 1 million :D
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  16. True. xD

    Edit: That means i reached 27 million the other day then. ^^
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  17. Who on earth gave you 27 mil :p
  18. Hm...

    I intend to build a very large iron farm sometime this month. :)
  19. Same :)