New Mob Video: Enraged Zombie

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  1. Thanks to everyone who was around to help me get footage. :D

  2. first?
    EDIT: First! and i missed it :p. I still think you should use the default texture pack for the video's so no noobs like me get confused
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  3. Second. Looks great, I hate enraged zombies but would love to come shame i missed it.
  4. I like how it looks better like this honestly...and for some reason I've had bad luck recently with Youtube not properly encoding my MC videos with default texture pack.
  5. I was there :D got 3 nether stars from the withers at the end xD
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  6. Because of the excitement of this I forgot about the head drop, Saturday right?
  7. Someone told me it was during the crazy thanksgiving mob rampage, early morning for me :) (7 am) D:
  8. Turkey Slicer at :49 FTW :cool:
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  9. Them zombies. They're pretty tough to kill. Less health than an enraged creeper, but it does burn attack, and with a full set of iron armor does 2 hearts per hit. Kind of jerks. :I
  10. That was super fun! Nice to see that the video is out.
    EDIT: Ahh yeah got a lot of time in the video lol
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  11. Me and my trusty dirt tower and bow are in that alot :)
  12. I love how 30 straight seconds was a subscribe button :p

    Nice job though :p
  13. Your first name is Jeremy?
  14. It is indeed
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  15. I wish that we could get a cast list to find out who was in it
  16. Love Korg standing staring at the start then having to leg it as a zombie jumped him.
  17. Can't wait for marlix/momentus videos :D