New Mob: Entombed Zombie

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  1. What is it?
    The Entombed Zombie is a special zombie that drops 2-3 silverfish upon death. Using a flame enchanted sword can prevent the silverfish from spawning (since they get burned up).

    To give people a clue to say if they are near one or not.

    They will spawn in a radius around the Dragon Tomb, the radius would be 20-30 blocks.

    I am not so sure on this idea myself. I thought of it and it is feeling a bit iffy. Just seeing what you guys think of it.
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  2. Is this a suggestion of an observation?
  3. Suggestion.
    Which is why it is in the suggestion box...
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  4. I think it is a good idea. However that may be OP because if they are easily distinguishable from standard zombies people could run around the wild at night and look for them to easily find the dragon tombs.
  5. I agree that we need a way to know we are near a tomb. Not sure about this idea - but maybe adapt it a bit and it may be a great idea! :3
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  6. Maybe a message would pop up as soon as you enter the perimeter? "You get a tingy feeling running through your spine... DRAGONS!"

    *Brainstorming* :p
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  7. I have had some of these ideas too...

    You smell the fiery breath nearby..
    You sense the tombs of the unknown..
    The fire breathing dragon lingers nearby..

    I had a brainstorm a while back :p
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  8. Possibly an ominous sound to go along with the message.. :p
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  9. I thought the point was to keep the tombs really hard to find? :L
  10. Correct, so we can give the message a certain block radius or something.. Just ideas :D
  11. The perimeter of the Dragon Tombs could EASILY be around 100x100 so it would be hard to find in that big area..
  12. I don't think we should do any type of hint beyond the pictures of what they look like, to keep it as challenging as possible :)
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  13. Good idea I guess But u could make it ace by making a zombie hold somthing say A gold nugget,
    Somthing diffrent Idk just a idea Also U could maybe do weird sounds BEFORE the messege
    So people dont know what it is?
  14. Confusing, but, possibly.

    Maybe all the zombies in dragon tombs will hold a special item, and maybe their will be a special spawner that spawns zombies, renamed "DT Zombies" and have a very rare chance of dropping shards, or any other cool items?
  15. Definitely not. Shards would be too easy to get if spawners could do it.
  16. That's why it would be a very rare drop..
  17. Well, it could be just like wither heads.... *brainstorm*
  18. Still way too easy.. When it would normally take so long even at a 1% chance it'd be over powered.
  19. Yea but it depends what shards do right??
    shards could be worth say 1k or somthing small And also with that if u think thats a problom you can make the zombies sronger and spawn in a bigger raidus (cant spell sorry)
    So a mob trap wont be so easy
  20. KKk ok i just read some more stuff and maybe if it possible make 4 shards make a stone Like a shortcut/diff way to get the stones!!!