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  1. When a friend of mine joins, is there a way to make him get a res next to mine?

    There are derelict res next to mine, I could get him the IDs. Can he request or exchange the default res he is assigned?
  2. Your friend may /res unclaim the residence that he has (I can't recall if residences still automatically claim upon completion of the tutorial) and then /res forceclaim any derelict res next to yours for free (if it's not free he can claim it back via for a brief time. Or to speed up the process you can contact a Senior Staff member (light green) and they can do it for him.
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  3. Once one finishes the tutorial they get assigned a res automatically. They will need to wait 1hr before they can unclaim. At least in the all tutorial people were taught how to claim a res.

    Also when your friend join make sure they join the same smp as you by directly connecting to the smp.
    There is other links but i don't know them. If he doesn't have his first res on the same smp as you he will have to wait a further 1hr as the system will forceclaim and assign him another res when they move to the same smp as yourself, which he will have the unclaim again.
  4. Thanks for the feedback.
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  5. That's really stupid, actually. The autoclaim combined with the one hour between every claim.
  6. I do believe that the one hour wait is after the first unclaim and claim. So a new player should be able to /res unclaim the auto-claimed res and then /claim (or forceclaim) a new res right away. After that any further unclaim and then claim will require the hour cooldown between.
  7. unless it was changed in the last week or 2, you still have to wait an hour right when you join
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