New Mega mall Under contruction - [CANCELLED]

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  1. Hey EMC looking for a new Mega Mall well on smp9 at 18859 Me BugsyWpfieffer and Skippyboy
    are setting up a new mega mall . Please don't buy from it yet as we are under construction sorry for any inconvenience
    Willjfo :)

    special thanks to woblerbutsy102,fdny21 and other people who supplied the hardened clay

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  2. I will be building a Gems Section :D
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  3. Looking forward to it guys!
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  4. Guys I'm still under contruction it will take a while but we hope you enjoy it:)
  5. So Guys I Hope you all like The megamall when finished
  6. sorry we have cancled the mega mall
  7. Most common progression of events when it comes to "megamalls":

    "Hey guys we're making a megamall"
    "Hey guys please donate to mah megamall it's gunna be hyuuuuuge".
    Scratch that, no more megamall. It's just a pyramid.
  8. Would you like me to change the title of this thread to something like:

    "New Mega Mall under Constructions - [CANCELLED]"?
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  9. its cause everyone sees some of the megamalls and is like oh thats not hard. then they start stocking things
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  10. yep, pretty much. I never had a megamall, but I used to have a moderately-sized shop. I kept it running for a few months and ended up just giving public flags. I let everyone tear it apart. It was a relief.
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  11. Change the name please Nzscruffy
  12. well hope you change it scruffy:)
  13. There you go.... did you want me to close this thread? :) or leave it open for discussion?
  14. leave it open
  15. oh well im restarting it :)
  16. Here's how it goes down 99% of the time. :)

    1) Wants to make a megamall
    2) Asks for donations
    3) Says it's gonna be the best thing ever
    4) Builds a nice building
    5) Begins to stock
    6) Congratulations if you've made it this far
    7) Sick of stocking
    8) Screw it guys, no more megamall sorry for inconvinience
    9) 9001 days pass
    10) Hey look a squirrel
    11) Wants to retry a megamall
    12) Might have a chance this time
    13) Forgets ADHD medicine
    14) Builds pyramid
    15) Well crap
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  17. Welcome, to Smp9! :D
  18. well im not quiting this time haro
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  19. Didn't know squirrels could be inciting lol. :D