New Map Art!

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  1. Got this finished up on SMP2 with a bit of help from Aphaea. Thanks for shuttling me a blank map!

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  2. Your initial post didnt work because you clicked the HTML option on Imgur to share with, the one you want is the BBCode option. :)
    Dont listen to me, I have no idea what I am talking about... shows how much coding I know...

    So wish these maps worked cross server though, there are some cool ones out there; this one included :D.
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  3. I tried everything, imgur didn't give me the normal imbedding code, just the url, and what you see up there. Oh well.
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  4. Fixed OP.
    Nice map
  5. You got some competition now :p
  6. Math, you're the duck! Can you tell me how?
  7. Got another one done. Poof will have them for sale at some point, as for now, they're in my new shop. Which is hidden, on /v 4193

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  8. You need to sell all of these.. I love Batman DC :p And Anime
  9. The Mockingjay and Bat Symbol are both for sale at /v +Poof, and the anime one will be, shortly.

    They're all for sale at my res, but it's not easy to find the shop...
  10. It should also be said that these only work on SMP2. I tried to get them cross-server, but was turned down.
  11. I don't have a res on 2 anymore, but I'll still get a batman one :O Awesome work dude ^_^
  12. Yeah these map art is amazing! We need more!!
  13. awesome D: wish you could transport these across servers ;w;

    also imgur messed their thing up, i don't think they give direct links anymore. instead, hover over the image and in the upper right corner there should be a dropdown arrow next to the copy button. click get share links, and copy the BBCode (Forums) link. just paste it into your post and you're done =D
  14. I just right click, and use 'Copy image location'. It gives me the link that works here.

    I, too, wish that they worked across servers. For now, I'm stuck making them one at a time. I have one started on smp8, after that, where should I build next?
  15. ooo you should do one on smp4 =D
  16. No do one on smp8 :p
  17. I'm working on something for smp8 now, I can build one on 4 after that
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  18. :p maybe you could schmetic the batman one for smp8
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  19. I dont know how schematica works, but the map isn't too tough to build. The hardest part is getting the wool, so if anyone wants to donate two DCs of white wool, and one and a half DCs of black and yellow, respectively, I can make it on whatever SMP you want.

    Like, at some point.

    Maybe. Soon or not.
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