New Mall on the way! :D

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  1. Hey everyone!
    I am not the most known player on EMC but I have played now for over 1200 Days!
    I used to play a lot but got inactive for a year. I have now start to play again daily and hope that I wont stop again :D

    But me and my friend Padde73 have now choose to start a mall on 938 on smp1. We hope that you guys can use it in like a month or two. We toghter with some other friend are trying to get a new fresh cheap mall for you guys and we hope that everyone will enjoy having it on the smp1.

    If you have some questions make sure to ask them to me or Padde73 here in the forum or in game. Also if you want to give us feedback or something like that make sure to let us know that too.

    Thanks for me!
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  2. First comment!
  3. Wow, another mall! smp1 has so many malls, but I want to see what this one looks like. :)
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  4. Yeah we know but we are hoping to have a cool mall with a bit better prices HOPEFULLY
  5. WARNING: a cheeper mall as 2000 is VERY hard to stock, I have also tried to be make one (1145) but it's like imppossible to be stock things like: quartz, lapiz-lazulei and emerald (voeting HELPS with this one and diamonds). You could make a mall without for exaple "ores and ingots" but then it's hard to be make it popular...

    good luck :D
  6. Yeah I agree but we hope to stock up alot before we open. And if we don't try, it's hard to know if we ever going to make it.
  7. I dont think we can get a mall like 2000. But we want to open this shop and have as good prices we can get. And if we dont can get a shop like 2000 thats ok. Then we are a option for guys to choose atleast :D
    Thanks for the support :D
  8. Wait..2000 is considered cheap..?
  9. Nah kinda isn't
  10. The outer building is kinda done now if anyone wants to take a look:)
  11. Now when the summer have started we haven't been able to work on our mall that much. But I hope I will be able to work on it more when the summer is over. :D