New Mall on SMP2

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  1. I have recently built my mall on SMP2 and I am hoping everyone is going to come visit! The residence number is 3695, and can also be accessed by +shop and +mall tags. I still need to finish a teleport room, the whole first floor, and need to build/stock a lot of my chest shops. I hope you can bear with me while I do these, I am hoping to finish for three days time (my 50th day on the empire). So please visit, then give any (constructive) criticisms on this thread or in game, and I'll get back to you! Most popular items on the game are already in stock and the shops are built.

    The overall layout of the mall goes as follows; on the ground floor there is four sections, cyan, yellow, red, and magenta. These are miscellaneous, precious, wood/farming, and building blocks. Then on the first floor, the sections are the same, but the whole floor is dedicated to bulk buying/selling of the most popular game items. This means I can cater for the people who like to mine a lot and sell their resources to me, but also for the people who like to build their own creations and can buy lots of items from me for a discounted price. The everyday shopper is also welcome, because the ground floor buys/sells in regular (less than one stack) amounts.

    I hope the mall looks aesthetically pleasing to you all, and the practical nature of it (when finished) is up to a standard you expect. Please make sure to visit and leave comments on your views of the mall itself, pricing, and any improvements or queries. Happy shopping!
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