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  1. Ok ppl, the building is done, and the buy sell shops are set up so why not come take a look.

    here are some snapshots of it... Cost 150k MAll-1.jpg mall2.jpg MAll-1.jpg mall2.jpg mall3.jpg mall4.jpg mall5.jpg mall6.jpg mall7.jpg mall8.jpg
  2. Looks nice!
  3. First buyer? :)

    Great mall!
  4. I cant go atm cuz im in Wild very far. What are ur best offers Denis?
  5. Hmm look i got the joke lets leave it at that ah.
  6. Sorry but which are ur best offers?
  7. I have set up a buy sell shop I plan on stocking a very large variety of items I have all the different kind's of stairs blocks slabs all the colour wools and music disc's including 11 and the new record 12 <-- rare as it is not in the /shop.

    I am still working on the mob-drop, redstone, garden, food and utility area's I have a lot of the items it just takes a lot of time to put it all out for sale. I will also be adding tool armer etc in time, as for prices best go check it out my prices reflect demand. As more ppl play on the server in time all prices will reduce, as more competition is introduced and more workers to supply.
  8. Nice res!

    It's a great place to buy/sell items! :cool:
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  9. Hi all I am adding more items in the shop setting up the food and farming atm. So far so good getting some new suppliers and lots of buyers.

    As I tend to have lots of stock, however this will not last for long and it appears that some ppl are using it to stock other ppls shops that sell for higher prices.

    While I don't have a problem with this at some point I will be required to rais my prices and I think they are high enough as they are.

    So to answer a couple of questions that many ppl ask in game, "can I have a job" or "can anyone give me rupees" This shop is for you.

    This is your opportunity to sell your goods and make rupees, its an opportunity for you to do something that will benefit you, so you have the rupees to do the things you want to do.

    And for the sceptics who may think I am doing this to make lots rupees, in all honesty I don't need them. I made ove 1.5 million rupees and gave them all away. I can go out to the wild and mine and just sell my goods to other shops and make loads of rupees, keep them to myself and let everyone deal with the lack of good shops, or feel they need to complain about prices.

    This mall is for Smp6 server community first, but also the other communities smp 1 - 9 and Utopia. So don't think because you not on smp6 you can't supply just use /vault its easy to transfer your good's and it only cost's 10r a time to open. You can mine chop and harvest on smp4 or what ever and then put your goods into /vault log out and then log into smp6 got to 13131 open /vault take out your goods and sell them easy.

    So don't delay be a supplier today :D Smp6 res 13131
  10. Bumping thread for those that may have missed it
  11. Ok Just so ppl know I do not like ppl asking me how much rupees I have so STOP asking me.

    Just this once I will say it I have $0.00 r

    Any and all rupees on me are for the shop to pay for supplies and to keep it running.

    If you want to sell to me pls use all the shops, if they are full then they are full, pls try again later and do not bug me about this ingame ty.

    I do have a suppliers shop you can also use but the items I buy here are limited to those items that sell the most.

    At some point when I feel there is enough rupees to support the function of the shops, and that there is adequate funds in the bank I will be looking to host a competition for the servers.

    I was going to run this some time ago but the time was not right.