New mall - 108 SMP1 NOW OPEN

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    Easy to find, either by /v 108 or type /town and walk straight ahead

    Easy to use portals...

    Clean design, easy buy / sell experience.

    Pubic utilities at main entrance

    Designed/built by weeh and crystaldragon13.

    Drop party room redstone designed by HxCami10

    Initial roof design with help from Eviltoade.

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  4. Woot! more smp1 malls... :D
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  5. This has been a WIP for a while, but... Looks great weeh! :):)
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  6. Weeeeeeeh itsssss almosttttt finisheeeeeed! Congratssssss :p
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  7. how long may I ask?
  8. Congratulations on finishing your mall :)
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  9. Looks really nice! I'll check it out next time I'm online :)
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  10. I Will check it out
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  11. Enchanted books in stock at great prices
  12. Looks amazing weeh! Great job with this one! :)
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