New Maga-Mall! 9122 SMP4!

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  1. Hello EMC, some of you might of been aware there is a Mega-Mall being built on my res. So this is 9122, The new BFInc Mega-Mall. I plan to open within the next 2 Days so keep your eyes open, I will update the thread as soon as I do. Meanwhile here are some images of what it looks like:D 2014-04-13_19.26.08.png 2014-04-13_19.26.24.png 2014-04-13_19.26.49.png
  2. Daaaang that's some fine handiwork
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  3. Can't wait for some more competition against 9000 for prices! I love the looks of the place! It's got an original design I presume by the looks of it? :D
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  4. Haha, its just nice for there to be a few more shops:)
  5. Opening in 10 mins:)
  6. Nice, always wanted a good old maga mall ;)
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  7. I can't wait! We need a couple more mega malls on EMC, just to remember the old way of making money :D
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