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  1. Hey everyone!

    We've just released a new update today to our Leaderboards! As you know, we currently have a TEXP Leaderboard that tracks both lifetime and monthly earned XP.

    Tonight, we've added leaderboards to track your lifetime and monthly referral counts. This is in addition to the bonus rupees you receive for referring new members!

    Also, with this in place and properly working, look forward to some future referral contests where you will be able to earn special prizes for referring the most new players to EMC!

    Jack and I will be posting some details soon about one we plan to start in February. :)
  2. Hooray! Now stop killing us please.
    EDIT: First first!
  3. I think we need voting streak leader boards. Congrats to Aikar by the way for being number one.
    Man, look at all those people with alts.
  4. Does this IP check to confirm new players, or does it just do referrals overall?:)
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  5. Haaay I'm not Aikar. I just have impeccable timing.
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  6. I don't know why they wouldn't make a leaderboard for that already. They always tell us to vote xP #logic
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  7. I'm sure this can't be to hard and will put it in front of Aikar. Remember, he has a TON going on right now with setting the business up properly and tons of paperwork so he's doing best he can at the moment. :)
  8. wewt! This gun be good!
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  9. Amazing! Time to start those referrals!
    EDIT: 10th post :D
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  10. Is there a way to search yourself up on the leaderboards? No idea how many I have, don't want to sift through 67 pages to find out :p
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  11. ?player=eklektoi#lookup doesn't work :(

    But question - if people have the same number of referrals - why are they ordered with different ranks?
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  12. Cool!
    I am currently ranked at 201, but most of my friends don't play minecraft anymore, so...
    yea >_< I will just have to be creative
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  13. This reminds me of that april 2012 referrals contest, which copherfield won unfortunately
    But it was a nice idea to make a leaderboard for the referrals, it lets us show some love to those who help EMC grow :D
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  14. Let's get creative!
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  15. how am I ranked 30
    who did I refer.
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  16. People.
  17. Nagging pays off :3
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  18. 860 in the leader boards for lifetime :D
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  19. ty ty <3
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