New Holland

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  1. The Socialist Republic of New Holland

    A nation where you can get all of your needs just by being an active citizen.
    A nation where you can participate in government for the betterment of the community.
    A nation where other wild nations are in close range of the nation through nether rails.
    A nation where everyone gets equal rights and justice.
    A nation of happiness and equality.

    Main points of constitution...
    • Equality for all
    • By being an active citizen you receive monthly gifts
    • A government based on helping the citizens
    • A national army for good
    • The ability to participate in a national government
    • Alliances with other large wild nations
    • Ability to buy and sell from the government
    • Ability to apply for government occupations
    • And so much more amazing opportunities!!

    The draft of the constitution will be out shortly. Please respond if you are interested in coming out and helping to finish building the nation and becoming a citizen. We would love to have you!
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  2. I wish you the best of luck with your newly earned independence!!
  3. Thanks:)
  4. Good luck.
  5. Thanks would u like to join the Nation?
  6. New Holland as in the Tractor Make? :p
  7. lol.. would u like to be a citizen?
  8. So, the official force for the Nation of New Holland, the New Force, has been created. If you have any interest in joining this army for good, please send me a PM.
  9. ATTENTION!: New Holland has become my ownership again. I would like to thank Dr_Hacksaw for taking care of New Holland while i was gone. May you have any qeustions considering this event please don't hesitate to ask me. All governemental changes can be found here.
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  10. Please read the PM i've send you.