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  1. Sorry if this isn't the correct way to do this, new here and first post!

    If you want to come visit and check out the progress on my mansion you can come to /v 11060 on SMP5.

    I'm mainly posting this right now because I kinda need donations if possible. I don't really have anything yet to trade or buy, or even gather. It's been a really grueling process to get what I have now and some donations of mainly Quartz, and Spruce Log or Planks.

    I haven't played MC for over a year, way before Quartz was added. I planned the build out in single player Creative and once planned out I realized how tough getting Quartz actually is, but continued anyway.

    Anyway hope to see you guys stop by, and donations totally welcome. :3

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  2. Sounds interesting, I might come and drop by sometime :p
  3. I think there are public sheep farms on EMC for all your wool needs, I'm not sure at what residences though :)
  4. How much wool are you in need of? I can easily get you some :)
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  5. Hope to see ya soon! Also I enjoyed your lengthy post about moving the community in the right direction. :)

    Ah yes, NZScruffy showed me his new amazing sheep farm, wool is much easier to get now!

    I'm actually covered on the wool front of things now, thank you though!
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  6. Could you please tell me in what thread that post was? :3
  7. I don't remember where it was 607 sorry. :<

    Anyway, last night I got some really good progress done on the garage part of the house, screenshot as been added to main post for anyone that wants to see. Again feel free to stop by anytime, even if just to visit! <3
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  8. Cool! Also, Alice gave me the link already :P
  9. Outside is mostly finished, needs a few touch ups but for now it's okay. Screenshot added to main post!

    Starting to layout the inside now, so much space to fill. O.O
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  10. A beautiful design I must say!
  11. The house is absolutely gorgeous. You did an amazing job on it. I would suggest moving the horses, and add some landscaping to the front lawn.
  12. Thanks! :)

    Thank you! Yes I plan to I just only have 1 plot so far and I was breeding some horses so it was the only space I had. I plan to setup a stable somewhere at some point then I can finish the landscaping. Plenty to do inside as of right now though. :)
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  13. Who would've guessed that a player 3 days old could buy almost everything in my promo store! Thanks Snowy!
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  14. Small update on this. The exterior is complete including a little over hang off the res (thanks to BigDavie!) the first floor of inteirer is mostly done, still little stuff here and there that I want to do. Upstairs still needs a fair amount of work but will get to it!

    I also moved my house to 11060 still on SMP5. Feel free to stop by and check it out. :)
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  15. Me like you're build, +1 :D.
  16. may i ask for a link for the download of that texture pack lol
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