New Hard Scavenger Hunt

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  1. Hello Fellow EMCer's
    So I was On Wacky Adventure One Night
    I Came Across This
    So The Scavenger Hunt

    Is To Find Where These Pictures Are
    The Prize Will Be
    1st Place 15k of rupees
    with 15 diamonds

    2nd Place 10k of rupees
    with 10 diamonds

    3rd place 5k of rupees

    with 5 diamonds


    1. You Must Post A Screen Shot Of This Area To Prove You Found It
    With Your Name Typed In /c r saying i found it with f5 of you in the picture.

    2. You must PM in the forums what res this is on

    3. You must NOT tell anyone else where you found it. Or ask others where to find it.

    4. Don't bother PM or commenting down below asking me where it is I wont tell you

    5. You must find this on your own not with friends.

    Good Luck To You All!!!

    Have Fun!!!
  2. 2015-05-22_22.16.58.png
    I don't actually have to go all the way in, right? xD
  3. Um no sorry thats not it
  4. it is it.
    You should know, if you actually completed the mazes and didn't teleport directly into the area.
    Anyway, Gage should be posting a picture of the maze anytime soon.
    If you refuse to accept my submission, whatever. I withdraw.
  5. I found it but cant get into the room..
  6. more proof :p 2015-05-22_22.55.24.png
  7. First Place Goes To: Drmadfate:

    Please take this post down if you don't I'll disqualify you for giving out answers in witch are not aloud
  8. Nope, My Computer Wont let me :(

    EDIT: and i dont know how to do it..
  9. If you're going to complain about me not following rules, how about the fact that Drmadfate didn't do an F5 post OR a screenshot of himself saying "found it"?
    Plus, I didn't give away the location.
  10. Took awhile...
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  11. Haha, I was bugging you and trying to find my way through (but ended up exiting. Twice) :rolleyes:

  12. Notice Lockdown, who was shooting arrows from below me. =P
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  13. Second Place Goes To: Lockdown32
    Third Place Goes To: Defne_The_Boss

    This Scavenger Hunt IS CLOSED
  14. Juuust inside your screen view xD
  15. You should make another scavenger hunt using this location.
  16. Haha, I think that was to get back at me for bugging him while he was getting through the maze/parkour. =P