New Enchant Shop!

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  1. Hello everyone, I've recently constructed a new enchantment shop underneath my residence at 8714 on SMP4. I am working on getting a good variety of items, and have a decent stock set up already.

    2013-10-14_19.35.44.png 2013-10-14_19.35.48.png 2013-10-14_19.35.52.png
    Please head on over if you need any enchantment needs, and if you have any specific requests just PM me and we can work out a deal :)
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  2. Looks good man!
  3. Wish mine was done but it will take at least 2 weeks to finish.
  4. Wow Nice shop, Thanks for the diamond Sharp. 4 fire 2 sword and a Looting 3 book!! ;)
    Luv that mossy cobble!
  5. Update: I have both a Flaming Mob Launcher and Feather Fallllling Boots as special items in stock, stop on by and maybe buy one, or another item :)
  6. Before I buy a flaming mob launcher, can you tell me what it is exactly, and what enchantments it has. I kinda would like to know a little about what I'm spending nearly 13k on.:eek:
  7. It is one of the 60K member special items it is called the FLAMING MOB lAUNCHER for a reason.
  8. The flaming mob launcher is an EMC special item that has enchants that are impossible to get through normal play. To answer your question, the enchants are unbreaking 3, knockback 6, and fire aspect 4. And just so you know, you can be told the enchants by clicking on it once, because it is sold by [Slot 1], and the fact that it is an enchanted item, you must click a second time to confirm the purchase :)
  9. In that case when I get on smp4 tomorrow I'll buy 1!
    You got yourself a deal!:)
  10. Cool enchanting shop I will buy from it.
  11. Brought from it, but some of the signs no worked for me :/
  12. Cool shop. I did notice that your shop signs specified [Slot 1]. I think if specified [Slot 27], for a single chest, and you put all the items for sale in the bottom right -- then you don't have to manually position the items every time someone buys something. Cheers.