New Empire Servers?

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  1. Well, I was thinking...
    what would happen if EMC released a Public Beta server? you know, where we could test out the new EMC plugins, and EMC could set up test areas for things like the dragon tomb update.
  2. We do....
    It's called stage
  3. He did say public...

    It would be cool, like for stress test and things, but not really necessary. And Aikar won't be opening stage up anytime soon.
  4. What is stage?
  5. Yes, but if they show us Dragon Tombs we would know how to go through every stage in the arena. And know how to beat it easily. Also we do test many stuff on our servers. Like SMP1, always having lagg tests.
  6. is a testing server for VIPs :) Like Staffs and a few players.
  7. No VIP's. Just staff.
  8. Nope, Belchmaster , Lilspider and Tehspider has permission to enter.
    And they are not staffs, so they are important people
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  9. As far as I know, Belchmaster was or still is ICC's roommate. And Lilspider and Tehspider helped build spawn and other things. So they are almost considered staff.
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  10. A magical place where all the mods dance around on a stage playing with new things and all teh plugins.
  11. Many non-staff have been on stage. They're only there for testing, building, and other related things.

    It's a pretty boring place in general, though. Don't see why people actually want to go there.
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  12. That is the driving force in any situation though, by telling us that we CANT go makes us WANT to go lol
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  13. people want what they don't have, its human nature.
  14. My opinion is that we don't really need to make the development server more public than it is, since much of the development is meant to be secret... I don't think there's much to say beyond that.
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  15. When new features have to be tested, supporters are generally asked to help out - same with getting on new smp servers first, it's sort of like an unofficial perk. :)
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  16. Yes, but they aren't a staff. So they are important people. Just because someone was a roommate and someone helped out on something, doesnt mean your automaticly considered a staff. Look at their names, they are Diamond Supporters.