New EMC Promotion Video!

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  1. I like it.
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  2. :) I like it
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  3. I love it! :)
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  4. Quite bootylicious
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  5. So much people seeing me! I'm through the world! :)
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  6. Thanks everyone, Just noticed. Is there a youtube title you can get for this?
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  7. 35 views already? This is sure to help emc :D
    Again, if anyone knows about that youtube title, please let me know ;)
  8. Awesome meer!
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  9. Agreed
  10. Cool!
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  11. Not necessarily, it doesn't quite work like that. I think originally to get in, you had to send your videos/EMC video to krysyy and she decided the team... But there is no proper "application form" as such. Perhaps they aren't looking for anyone for the team at the minute, but I guess you can always PM krysyy about the team, if they are taking on more members and if they'd be interested in you. I'll direct you to the YouTuber Team Wiki page, so you can see the current members and the description for the Team:

    As for the promotional video, it looks pretty good! A couple of things to be ironed out perhaps but other than that, I did quite enjoy it. The music fits it fairly well and there was some great footage, nice job! :)
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  12. Thanks for the full info. I might upload little EMC tutorials such as chest shops and that. Suprised to see there is only 5 or 6. I did pm Krysyy a while ago, So hopefully i could do it :)
  13. We're actually looking for some new people, so it'd be awesome if anyone would apply :)
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  14. If you are looking for new people, you might want to poke Krysyy to ask about adding an application system somehow :p
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  15. That would be useful :D
  16. I suppose so.