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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by chrisisaboss91, Aug 16, 2012.

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  1. ok so i have this idea so if you play MW3 on the xbox i will be having a clan with emc here is how it works
    the leaders of this clan (me and albinopolarbear1) will have our clan tags emc
    the other members will have thier clan tag of which smp they play on
    you must friend me my gamertag is stickzilla123 (it is stickzilla who made my account just saying because if you knew him)

    What has this world come to you guys.
  3. Omg he's the first one.....
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  4. Uggh another COD thread? When will people realize this game isn't good. Anyways the first M rated game I played was Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, which was this year and the reason I was allowed to play it was because of the overall tone in the game and the message Hideo Kojima was sending (pacification) . I am only allowed to play specific games my parents approve of (if the rating is above t) and it is depressing. However I don't care because I know my parents are just looking out for me. The reason it is depressing though is because I'm 15 :( and all my friends play whatever they want, they play GTA4 for gosh sake.
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  5. Oh and no offense Chris, but do you TRY to get bad scores on CoD?
    Sorry in advance for Paint.
  6. :/ I don't get it.... I respect everyone else's opinion on video games.... I remember I posted on a thread once: I like CoD! Everyone else: COD SUCKS OMG LOL ........... I realize there is a little bit of annoyances in CoD games, but it's really the community that's gone to (POOP) ___, not the game. And yes, the game may be bad, but again: it's really the community that's changed. And I acknoweledge that the game may be bad in your opinon/eyes, but don't upfront say it. And again: People say: Well look at all the CoD fanboys hating on the BF3 fanboys... well who started it you ask. The developers, in a rivarly for money and more attention, they always attempt to poke at each other, but again, as annoying as this sounds, the community of gaming has changed since it first started. What did gaming first start out as? Exactly. There was no giant huge fanboy game war. Guess what the first game was. Yes, Pong. But guess what? It was a GAME, and people played it because they were who knows what or why.... but seriously, I'm not asking for this community to change, as it will never change, but at least respect my opinion by not stating that upfront please. And Mike, this is not a rant against you remember, DO NOT TAKE offense, but it's like this: Someone posts a idea in The Suggestion Box. It haesn't been denied ever, but a reasonable idea to debate about. Derp comes along and says, "Hey! This is a stupid idea! Let's post the HOW BOUT NO bear to make him feel bad about putting effort into the idea? Exactly. It's not the exact same thing as video games, but at the end of the day, I really just don't want to see this type of hate against ANY game, and I'm not asking for it too stop, I just don't want to see it, as I am tired of seeing: OMG COD SUCKS BF3 FOREVER do it somewhere else where I can't see or it isn't a timewaster like what I'm doing now. No of this (even this huge rant) would've happened if..... the community didn't go down the drain.
    So I will say it. I think MW3 is a good game, and I am fairly decent at it. (On Xbox) If you want to play with me, message FPSStimulus and if you don't like CoD, DON'T say anything then. Please.
    And again, if this did not make ANY sort of sense, please do not yell at me. ~ IamSaj
    Summary for lazy people:
    If you don't have something good to say about a game or ANYTHING, DONT say it. :)
    EDIT: Also this is not a rant defending CoD. It's defending my view on my tastes in video games and me getting flamed and harrassed for it. Also, it is about how the CoD community is trash now. :3
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  7. I 100% agree with ya buddy.
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  8. DERP.jpg


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  9. Off topic but: How'd you make your signature?
  10. LZBZ_DW made it
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  11. Cod all the opinion and is better than mine craft:)
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  13. Let me get this out of the way I don't hate COD. I dislike it because of the bad graphics, bad community (you did say this), bad gun sounds, being able to snipe someone across the map without any bullet drop off/wind effect, overpowered guns, glitches, and the fact that the developers put no effort into making a very good game. I could go on and on, but this is why I dislike COD. Sure I'll play it at a friends house because it can be fun, I just won't buy it. Best part about COD= Zombies on Ascension and Kino.
  14. Talk to Infinity Ward about that or

  15. The way you're describing it sounds like you hate it. And you probably formulated your opinion on CoD based off of MW2. Anyways, I see no reason to continue this. I've dealt with people who disliked CoD for the longest time.
    Let's call it even and say we both like Batman. But unfortunately I have to say that I am Batman.
  16. Lol how bout Halo
  17. Woah, woah, that wasn't a rant about why CoD is good.....

    Facepalm.jpg I can't take it. I'll go hide in my drop pod and play CoD where I can't be bothered..... :p
  18. Haha I just wanted to say no I don't hate it just dislike it :) and I was going to like your post until you tried to tell me you were Batman. :p
  19. But I am Batman.... but I died in DKR

    *Not a Spoiler* :3
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