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  1. Finally after some trial and error on my part I got my first EMC video up and running.

    I am still not sure of the title so if you have a suggestion that would fit this then pls let me know.

    I can't guarantee I will use any of the suggestions that may be made.

    Many thanks for watching pls rate, comment and sub :D

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  2. very informative its just a shame that the people who would need to see it wouldn't sit though it. like your voice btw.
  3. Its more to attract new players to the server and yeah I know its a bit long, I thought about splitting it but felt ppl may not watch part 2 as much.

    Also tnx for watching
  4. Tnx Dwight for the title change :D
  5. you should have used ad-block I don't think new people Like to see ads :p
  6. Well I don't mind ppl who put a lot of work into there YT videos having add's on them, if it helps them do more video's

    tnx for your comment
  7. I am still looking for feedback on this tnx.
  8. Very well done - great work Silken! :)
  9. It's very good, but as mentioned early, I think shorter videos would be more effective to attract new players to EMC. But still, very well done silken!
  10. I added my comment to the video,. I have the really silly name there so it won't be hard to determine which one is me. I just basically stated that its not required to have a Paypal to get supporter subscription. You can use a debit card without PayPal account and pay that way as well. Might want to include that in the video information as a correction so it shows there are other methods/ways of becoming a supporter/donator :)
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  11. Tnx SP I was not aware of that so I will include it in description :)
  12. Tnx Alex I might do a shorter intro to EMC, and then link it to this one for more info.
  13. tnx
  14. Very good :) I personally don't mind a video being long, as long as it's not boring; which it's not.

    Enjoyed it and hope to see more EmC vids :D
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