New EMC Feature pl0x?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by samsimx, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. JackBiggin and I messing around, this should be implemented some way / some how, it's a lot of fun. There could be something in a way you do /ride samsimx and then samsimx would have to accept in some way.
  2. I sense Nick5013 would have fun with this.
  3. Sounds fun but the point of this would be... Just saying.
  4. What wouldn't the point be?
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  5. I was trying to say that there would be no point of this
  6. It's all for fun by the looks of it, and I like it for one :p
    It'd be an easier way to show your friends to outposts and such, hm?
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  7. you have a point there but wouldn't this be abusable in the wild? example: Player #1 OMG a scary creeper! /ride Player #2. Player #2 ??? Player #1 Theres a scary creeper help me plz! Player #2 ok fine. As you can see here player #1 used this to get out of death. Example #2: Player #1 I saw a huge ravine filled with ores but its like 10,000 blocks out. Player #2 cool but how i we going to get there cause i have to go soon. Player #1 simple u just ride me because i know were it is and flying is faster then walking! Player #2 /ride Player #1. As you can see here this feature can be used to transport this quickly and safely in the wild and this could hurt the economy.
  8. It would be, except the fact that this was a joke. :p

    Although /ride in town would be epic.
  9. And that's exactly why we should have it :cool:
    It looks like you're really over thinking it lol, this would just for fun and presumably only in town.
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  10. If it's in town only I'm all 4 it