New Derelict Policy

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Counterproductiv, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. I'm very confused by this new policy. Do you have to vote once a week or will playing on the server keep your residence from going derelict?
  2. As long as you log in before you go derelict, you will remain active and not lose your residence.
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  3. Logging in will reset your derelict timer to 30 days, voting will reset your derelict timer to 7 days (unless you've already logged in of course, in which it will remain 30)
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  4. ok guys, thanks a lot, I was annoyed at the fact that I thought I had to vote to keep my residence
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  5. umm i thought it was less then 30?
  6. Nope, still 30. It's different for new players, which is possibly what you're thinking of, but it has been 30 for a few years now.
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  7. You thought what was less than 30? 30 with logging in, 7 for voting
  8. Actually... I was under the impression that it would extend the derelict timer with 7 days. I mean; if you have 25 days left because you haven't played a while then I most certainly would hope that voting doesn't bring this back to 7 days ;)
  9. idk i barely ready the post tbh. i vote and log in almost daily so doesnt rlly affect me
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  10. "The derelict timer for logging in and playing in-game will not be adjusted."-As Said in the derelict thread.
  11. That's why it says "(unless you've already logged in of course, in which it will remain 30)" at the end of it to accommodate for situations like that... :p
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