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  1. So I am looking to get a new gaming setup. I would like to know what you guys got and are using. I would like to know what you use(Name of it)and the specs on it. I would also like to see a picture off it all if possible.

    Anything else you use-

    I thank you for helping me find out what computer I would like to get along with all the other stuff. If you feel the need to add anything like some good notes about it or anything you meal like I should know post it with your stuff.
  2. Monitors- Main monitor is a Samsung S24C230L, secondary monitor is a Samsung S20B300.
    Cpu- i7-4790k
    Mouse- Corsair M65

    If you are planning on building your setup/PC, please PM me if you are serious! I can help you out, PC setups are my hobby :)
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  3. Ok cool ty
  4. Please add me also to the convo, I'm sure haro and I can together think of something awesome for you. :)
  5. not working on it yet seeing if i want to build or buy one
  6. Well, while you do need a little more time for building it yourself, you will definitely end up with a much better system, in terms of quality, but also in terms of performance. I highly recommend most people to build it themselves, to get something better, and to save money, both at the same time. :) If you have any more questions related to this, you can also ask Haro and me. :)
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  7. Yeah i would like to build it but I havent built one in years so probably be rough and not very good
  8. For building, if you're just careful, anf don't do really stupid things, you'll be fine! I suggest you to look up some tutorials on YouTube, to get familiar with it again. :)
  9. I'm doing an experiment for a really cheap gaming computer. Basically, it's upgrading an outdated (not a gaming) laptop through the use of not well known products. If it goes well, I'll post pictures here.
    CPU: AMD Dual-Core E-450
    GPU: Sapphire Radeon R9-380x NITRO (4GB)
    RAM: 8GB
    HDD: 500GB 5400RPM
    SSD: 120GB
    Mouse: Redragon Perdition m901
    Basically, I'm upgrading an HP 2000 239-wm laptop just to see if I can make a gaming computer for under $300 (I already had the laptop). It came with 4GB RAM so I bought a 4GB upgrade, and I'm going to replace the disk drive with a solid state drive. The biggest reason I want to do this is just to see if it would work.
    The main thing about this is, it won't work with a computer that doesn't have a removable bottom panel, because you need access to the laptop's PCI slot, and you can't use WiFi afterward. You have to connect to the internet with an Ethernet cable (which is faster anyway). If all goes well, I'll have some pictures posted here within this month!
  10. Ok seems like a good plan
  11. I simply hope you're aware that the AMD E-450 is going to bottleneck the absolute crap out of the R9-380X. The most I'd ever give that CPU before expecting mad bottlenecks would be an r7 370 lol
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  12. I'm aware of that. The 380X was just a consideration. I'm still unsure of what I want to choose. Besides, if I decide to upgrade to a desktop in the future, the r9 380X can be put into the desktop with a better CPU, and would also offer faster performance without me having to buy a new GPU. I was also considering the lower-end GTX 950 FTW edition (Or some variant of the 950), but I'm currently not sure how that will be affected by the CPU.