New Company: Ocelot Corp

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  1. I have started a new company: Ocelot Corporation. It was founded by me and currently does not have any staff members. If you are interested in joining the Ocelot Corporation staff, PM me on the forums. Our services don't have much, only 2 things: The 16402 building block shop and FreeRes. FreeRes is at 16970. Both of these residences are on SMP8. Ocelot Corporation is looking for staff to help in the development in new products. Thank you for reading this thread.
  2. We need staff members to help the shop! Helping the shop will result in you getting your own shop room! You don't have to give me any money!
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  3. What exactly do you need staff for?
    Restocking? Helping with the building? Or something else
  4. Right now, I want to expand the shop at 16402.
  5. Hmm well I suppose if you need a staff still I will join

    I can't get on today though :p
  6. Ok. Get on when you can. Hopefully, I'll be on. I'm usually on at 3 pm EMC time.
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  7. On weekdays.
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  8. what server is this on
  9. As stated above, SMP8.
  10. oh sorry i didnt see that
  11. what is freeres if you dont mind me asking
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  12. Click the thing that says "FreeRes thread" in my signature. You'll find all the information.
  13. Could i join?!