New casino on SMP1

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  1. Hello,
    Myself and jjhhgg100123 have decided to make a new casino on SMP1. We have two residences next to each other and will be releasing first previews very soon...
    We have a rough ideas of some games we will involve...
    Wheel of Rupees
    Higher or Lower
    Slot Machine
    We are looking for more ideas that you can post below...
    Now, another thing we need to make this project possible is donations, we are not the richest in EMC so we will need help rupee wise. If you can donate just pay me (wipple4) or jjhhgg100123 your donation. Your donation will go towards the cost of the structure and the games. All donators (1k+) before the project is finished in (PLACE ESTIMATE DATE HERE) will receive access to a VIP lounge, possibly with a special game and will receive a 500r FREE betting chip to use the day before we open (private access). Once we have opened players will be able to buy Iron, Gold, Diamond supporter to the casino. All ranks will have different benefits...
    Iron - Access to VIP lounge, 250r free bet when purchased. Price - 1,000r Month
    Gold - Access to VIP lounge, 500r free bet when purchased. Price - 2,000 Month
    Diamond - Access to VIP lounge, 1,000r free bet when purchased, priority que pass Price - 5,000r Month
    Thank you for reading
  2. Sounds like fun. I want to build something like this myself, but it's a big job (To do nicely).

    I'd like to donate, but first i'd like to see that you can build these machines. :) Let me know when you have some examples up.
  3. I second this. And also be 100% sure that your automated machines work correctly on EMC. Even if they work perfectly on single player, there are issues that can make them mess up on this server.
    And if you want help making a specific game, let me know! I've already designed a few EMC-compatible slot machines (at least they should be), and I enjoy the challenge :)
  4. We have a wheel of rupees at 727!
  5. I took a quick look. nice and simple. When can i see it working?
  6. If you donate, - 1 day before everyone else
    If you don't - about 3 days or so :D