New Bookstore +books on SMP6!

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  1. Hello and Welcome to +books on SMP6.

    Opened to the public about two weeks ago we carry stock of every enchanted book and buy and sell all enchanted books including multi-enchanted books.

    There are good stock levels on nearly all of types but even the level V books, Sharpness V, Efficiency V and Power V have great stock levels.

    The books we really need are singles of any of the Fortune, Looting or Fishing enchantments however more will be available in the next day or so. Until then, we are giving good prices to anyone selling to us.

    For multi-books please pm myself or Baradar67. Price for a multi-book will be the best combination to enchant an item. For example, an eff iv, sharp III, prot II, power II, knockback II book would best be used on a sword and therefore the price would be a combination of the sharp III and kb II. This is purely at the discretion of myself or Baradar67 and the option is there for you to sell or not sell.

    Books are split into separate buildings and these are The Mystic Weaponsmith, The Armoury (behind the blacksmith), The Unbroken Bar, The Tool Shed and The Fish Shack. This is a new establishment and probably temporary while new premises are being built so please keep negative comments to yourself however constructive suggestions can be thrown in.

    tldr: buy and sell books at +books on SMP6 (/v +books or /v 13416)
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  2. Awww, and I thought this was an actual Book Store for written books. Oh well, thanks anyway.
  3. I need them for my enchanted books sorry :confused:
  4. lov u boracle <3
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  5. Wow, did it take me this long to log back into this acct.

    And thanks for the bromance. I luv you too bro.
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  6. best enchante book store on emc
  7. +Books has moved!

    Now in larger, better premises opposite the quirky +RR, a great set of boutique stores.

    +Books has separate buildings for the various types.

    You will enter near The Unbreakable Bar on the left and The Magic Bowyer to the right then continue down the path to Sorcerous Shovels and The Mystic Weaponer.

    These are followed by The Enchantment Lounge where you can relax and use those books you've purchased. Opposite is the Smithy where you can craft yourself a new enchanted sword on one of the anvils.

    Over the bridge you will find the Fish Shack on the left and The Arcane Armourer on the right.

    At the rear of the village you will find an Auction House for pickups.

    Please visit soon to Buy and Sell Enchanted Books at +Books on SMP6, 12084.
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  8. Can't wait to check this out when I get online Bora! I love +books and it's my to to place for enchanted books :)