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  1. This is how my shop currently looks. A list of books and prices follows:
    [aqua affinity,resperation3,protect4,unbreaking3] - 4000r
    [depth strider3,featherfall4,protect4,unbreaking3] - 4000r
    [fire protect4,unbreaking3] - 2250r
    [blast protect4,unbreaking3] - 2250r
    [project protect4,unbreaking3] - 2250r
    [protect4,unbreaking3] - 2250r
    [sharp5,loot3,unbreaking3] - 2750r
    [smite5,loot3,unbreaking3] - 2750r
    [efficiency5,unbreaking3] - 2000r
    [efficiency5,silk touch,unbreaking3] - 2500r
    [efficiency5,fortune3,unbreaking3] - 2750r
    [infinity,power5,unbreaking3] - 2750r
    [punch2] - [flame] - [knockback2] - [fire aspect2] - 1000r each
    [exp bottles X 32] - 625r (limit 7 stack per day - if you want bulk contact me)
    Free anvil use.
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  2. Do me (and yourself) a big favour and don't go out of business within a week :p

    Sounds mysterious? Sorry; no comments for now :D
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  3. well
    I certainly don't intend to go out of business, it depends if people think OP stands for overpriced. i feel like they are fair though.
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  4. I recommend going to Gweeedz on SMP4 and checking his prices to be competitive, as he seems to be dominating the market right now. Also, always have stock!
  5. Help me out here, because I'm really confused. Are you selling these as completed enchanted items? If so, why are required levels listed?

    EMC has a custom enchant mechanic. Repairs to an item are player-specific, and they remember you. If you transfer the item to another player, they will start out with a repair cost of 1 level. It will only cost more if YOU try to repair it.

    Or am i missing something here? Are you selling the books separately someplace?

    BTW either way this looks awesome. I bet you get a ton of business :D
  6. I sell books. The first design seemed to mislead some people so i have updated the item frames with more books. I sell Books that have been combined in a way to bring out some of the best combos. I do not sell the pieces therefore the book must be combined to a piece after purchase. the level required may need to be tested I will update that if necessary. Also since my first post my prices have dropped to become competitive. To the last comment business has been slow to start, but I've been low key to get a good stock built.
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  7. updated pics and need to BUMP.