New Board Ideas (Stories, Jokes, Politics, and Philosophy)

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  1. I would like to again suggest an idea to enhance the EMC community: new forum categories! My ideas for new forum categorizes include boards where people can share their best stories, talk about philosophy, tell jokes, and discuss politics. My thoughts behind adding these forums is that it would add personality to the forum community. In my year in playing on this server I've noticed that a lot of shallow, fake, friendships that revolve around things like whether or not someone has moderator privileges, how good they can build, or how much money someone has. Anyone with friends knows that's not typically how meaningful friendships are founded. They are founded by being real with people and discussing deep stuff. A good way to have someone respect a location (EMC) is to have them meet someone worth while in that location. I know my idea has some weak points but I just thought it'd be better to throw some ideas out there and get the discussion started.

    Any responses are greatly appreciated :)
  2. Don't take this wrong, but I dunno about adding these. Most of the time the people who start politic, philosophy and religion threads are like 13 and very ragey. Flame wars also start :I.
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  3. I thought about that, but this forum is so heavily moderated that I think 13 year old ragers would be respectful. You could also age-gate the politics and philosophy if it did get out of hand.

    ALSO: Never be afraid to criticize anything I may post on here. As long as its polite, constructive, or necessary. (We all need a good smack back into shape sometimes)
  4. I think it wouldn't hurt anything to add these as subcategories to the Miscellaneous thread. I've engaged in several religious/politics debates on these forums, some went very great, some turned terribly bad. I really enjoy these types of discussions, but I'm not sure EMC is the best place for these, as they can turn our happy community into an unhappy community sometimes.
  5. Stories or jokes would be a nice topic, but I don't believe they would require an entire sub-forum to share these creative works. They could easily be listed as a thread in the miscellaneous forum, such as the 'show yourself' thread series: and it's predecessor
    These 2 threads have been highly successful and have required very little monitoring from a staff point of view.
    Obviously any jokes or stories shared would need to conform to EMC commandments and not be offensive or contain inappropriate language or content, but if kept clean it would be great to hear some jokes from around the world. :)

    IMHO Political and Philosophical discussion don't really have a place in a game forum, unless the game itself has these particular topics within it, which minecraft doesn't.
  6. But... we need a place to rant about how terrible Australian Politicians are...
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  7. I'm sure terrible politicians aren't limited to Australia only. :p
  8. You're right unfortunately... terrible politicians are everywhere :p and thanks a lot for the feedback :) Even though you don't totally agree with me, I would've never expected someone as busy as you to type out three paragraphs to help me out.
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