New Beginning.

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  1. Fellow players of Emc,

    Some of you may know me as Inuyasha1204, but some of you may know my real name and my bad reputation on Empire minecraft. I have been thinking of many ways of sending messages to people and have talked over all of this with special moderators. I just wanted to give the entire community an apology for my entire time on Empire minecraft.

    I first want to apologize to a few people that I know in person. These people will know who they are and I want to apologize to them and express a deep gratitude for their friendship. For most people on here that don't know who I am, I also want to apologize. I have been thinking about this for the past few weeks while being absent from EMC and have decided that I want to have a fresh start back on the Empire.

    So please, if I have done anything in the past to hurt or offend you, I ask for your forgiveness and a blank slate from which to start back. And if I have never met you, feel free to introduce yourself. I'm always looking for a new person to talk to. =)

    Thank you for reading,
  2. You are forgiven in my book. Welcome back inuy.
  3. You've always been cool with me. Welcome back. If you ever need anyone to talk to I'll be there.
  4. you. and me. smp2. my res. now.
  5. ಠ_ಠ
  6. Welcome back:)
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  7. grrr take the naughty stuff private :p
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  8. Bad reputation? That's news to me. Welcome back!
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  9. A lot of us don't know what you did wrong, but it's nice that you're apologizing to the server for it.
  10. I believe that he's referring mainly to the SMP2 crowd, but welcome back.
  11. Yes, what alex had said. If you live on smp2. You would know what i am talking about.
  12. please explain so everyone else knows about the naughty things you did.. :D
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  13. I live on smp2 and I have no recollection of whatever this bad stuff is.

    TELL ME NAO!!!
  14. Welcome back.
    I'm from 2, I know what he means, and I'd have to say that part of the 'bad reputation' he mentions has to do with me and some friends.
    I accepted his apologies, we are all good now :)
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  15. I don't exactly know if he wants everyone to know because He wants just forgot the past and start new.
  16. true... im just wondering what he did.
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  17. The best thing he can do to start new is to throw it all out there, and not hide anything of what he did:) No point in creating suspicions within anyone, that could create the opposite effect of what he is looking for.
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  18. Welcome old friend, hope to see you around more
  19. I have never met you, but I AM looking forward to it! Welcome back to EMC, stranger. :) If you ever see me online, please, feel free to say hi!
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