New and Improved BoneChilling Battle!

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  1. Hi. If you have participated in the regular Bone Chilling battle, this one is guaranteed to be better now! The enemies are tougher, the arena is more 'realistic'. The weapons are stronger, and the prizes are better! Arena is planned, but not built. I will make a private message for the Bone Chill event. It will be a lot harder to win, but zombies will keep their strength due to "Overbeefing" them last time. Skeletons will be twice as strong, and sign up is the same as last time!

    To sign up

    Say you want to join and promise you can participate in the events.


    1st place: Win 4 Diamonds
    2nd place: Win 5 Ender pearls!
    3rd place: Win 4 Lapis Blocks

    Arena will have:

    • More traps!
    • Stronger Enemies
    • [Possible] Better Armor
    • [Possible] Better In-Arena Prizes
    • Chests Hidden Randomly
    • Arena Underground Dungeon
    • More "Old" Look
    Server will have:

    • Better Admin Challenge
    • Better Empire Prizes
    • More Free-Build Room
    I hope you join our server! You will get your post liked and be included in the PM if you get accepted for the server. Battle hordes of extremely strong enemies in the arena on our Bone Chill server and win prizes on EMC! Skeletons and zombies will have armor and will make vanilla Minecraft enemies seem like tearing a piece of paper. Please refer this link (Old arena):
  2. i would join the server if i could :)
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  3. Is there anyway I could get in on the building?
  4. is this like a mob arena??
  5. You will be included in the PM when I make it.
    A little. But the plugin won't allow spawners to work and this is 40 or more times harder. It also makes regular enemies feel so easy they're like an AFK PvPer.
  6. Would you like to join the server? Event happens every Sunday unless we want it to happen other times.
  7. Did you see my post?
  8. Yes, I did. You can help build the Admin Challenge arena. Would you like to partake in the events? I will give you special creative mode to build the arena.
  9. Ok that's great. How many Arenas will there be?
  10. One event arena, one PvP arena, and an admin event arena.
  11. Admin even arena?
  12. Yes, it's where you try to become an admin by surviving the night against charged creepers.
  13. That would be terrifying...
  14. Would any of you like to join the server? Sorry I forgot to add more detail about the event. I'll add it in the OP.
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  16. Bump. Also, Event this Sunday!
  17. When do I need to come on to build?
  18. I don't know, just be patient. Save this kind of conversation for the PM.