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  1. Hey There EMC! I Believe I have never been officially introduced. I figured that now would be a good time to say hello to you before my years event. Will be a thread closer to the time. I Know people like drop party's I know some people don't like them, if this does happy to any of you who come to my DP say you didn't like it make sure to come to me after the party is over, and I will make it good for you.:) So now I will tell you what will be happing, And there is a little event that is happing as well if you want to join come check out SMP9 18016 to see what to do. 2013-11-12_18.43.45.png I hope to see as many people as possible entering the event there will be good prizes up for grabs if entered. And this is me BTHarrold98 at the end getting xp :p 2013-11-12_18.45.40.png And as you can see in the picture this is my new EMC skin and i will be keeping this in till my year DP where then i will be making a Birthday suit, and another event at the end of the DP if you want to join there will be a room for the a skin contest of who has the best Birthday Suit and it can be anything on it as long as its in a suit and at the end there will be good prizes for all winers. 2013-11-12_18.48.31.png And as you can see in this photo this is where all the magic will be held, I dont really know how many people will be coming so if needed i can make it bigger for more people so people get at least a few items, And yes items that get donated to me will be giving into the DP if want to donate Please come to SMP9 res 18016 to do so, Every item will be put in, and i will be putting in some special Items to make it more fun to see who gets what, ok Peoples of the world this is it for now need any help or you have any questions Please come to me and ask, as i said more threads closeer to the time, Thanks BTHarrold98 ~
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  2. For the drop party, will players that fly by placing blocks underneath them be removed?
  3. if people start dropping items for some reason I will ask them to stop if get seen doing it again I will ask them to leave my res.
  4. I've seen you around before! Now I know why ;)
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  5. Home server smp9, i do pop around servers time to time if your on next time when im on get meh and we can chat :D
  6. I own malls on smp1, smp3, smp9, and a lot on utopia, I've seen you on utopia alot :)
  7. yh i like to spend my utopia time in the iron farm because its quicker them mining it so... :D
  8. PM me then number of shops i can check them out