Never knew these existed: Baby Zombie Pigman riding Chicken!!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by wildbeast23, Sep 8, 2014.

  1. Just saw one of these bad boys riding on the nether rail to my village in the far east nether frontier on smp9.

    2014-09-08_23.16.32.png 2014-09-08_23.15.06.png 2014-09-08_23.16.41.png
  2. Lol ive seen them before, thought everyone knew about them.
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  3. Maybe its because I'm half asleep here playing MC or maybe because i've had a few beers but when I saw it, it was just bizzare haha
  4. Haha, i knew about them as soon as i got killed by one (next mob on my long list of death list)
  5. Well, he obviously wants to join your wild camp, I hope he gets accepted.
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  6. At least it was a baby zombie and not a pack of netherhounds :)
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  7. I see at least 20-30 everyday... lol
  8. There's baby enraged zombies, too!