NetherHound questions

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  1. Currently there is no mod to ask this to on the server so....
    -Can u re-eggify the netherhound in town? and if not then why? i guess that should go in suggestions but whatever
    -I know they dont respawn but can they jump over two fences?
    thank you to all who answer this :D
  2. You cannot re-eggify a netherhound in town, or in wild as well. That's why the eggs are as much as they are, because they can't be re-eggified.

    I believe the netherhound has no special ability except that they deal more damage when in the wild, they're just something cool to have as a pet.
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  3. hmm
    thank you
    do you think i should spawn it?
  4. Im pretty sure you can eggify them in town, i have done it in the past when i sold my one that was spawned
  5. You can eggify it in town, just checked, at egg / untamed puppy.
    Probably also can be eggified grown-up and tamed one in wild, as your property.