Netherhound no longer howl for help?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Hitagain, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. I spent a few hours in the nether and all but one group of netherhounds never did a howl for help or growled. Has there been a change?
  2. Before update? I pushed out some fixes on the reboot
  3. update today? I didnt see any netherhounds after the reboot.
  4. Come to think of it this morning i was in nether and i came across a back of hounds and they didn't make a noise.
  5. I was walking around in the nether wasteland on smp7 yesterday evening (GMT+2), encountered a pack of netherhounds making growling sounds and calling for help. If it matters, I was on player diff. 1.
  6. i always see them hounds but they don't make any howls for assistance but they only attack if i'm right in-front of them its quite peculiar hmm